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Miracle Beyond Miracles! Photos of Joe's Mother and Two Brothers Found!!!

In 1942, Joe Rubinstein (21) was taken from his home by the Nazis and sent to Auschwitz. He would never again see another member of his family; they were all killed in the Holocaust. Since the war's end, Joe has been praying for just one photo of them. This week, by a miracle beyond our wildest imagination, Joe was able to hold a photo of his mother and two of his brothers-- Dawid, and Joe's identical twin Chaim. "This is the greatest, greatest gift of my life," 95 year old Joe whispered over and over. After reading about Joe's life story in Auschwitz 34207, people all over the world have joined Joe in praying that he find a photo of his family. Through the great work of a researcher, we were able to obtain the original ID forms with photos, long believed lost, of when Joe's family was forced by the Nazis into the ghetto in Radom, Poland.

As you can imagine, this was an incredible shock to Joe to suddenly see the beautiful faces of his beloved family. Please keep him in your prayers as he processes waves of new emotions--joys and sorrows anew, and that we will still find photos of two additional siblings. Through these long lost photos, we all feel as if his mother and brothers have in a sense, come back to life again. The miracle of Joe's Journey continues and continues. We are praising God for such a tremendous blessing this Thanksgiving week! Amen!  (Joe's identical twin Chaim is on right with dark hair.)

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