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An Experience of a Lifetime

Sharing Joe Rubinstein's story, Auschwitz 34207, at the Library of Congress yesterday, along with Anthony Pitch (author of the powerful book: Our Only Crime was Being Jewish), was truly one of the greatest honors of my life. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible and for all of those able to come. Thanks especially to two very special women: Gail Shirazi (event organizer, Library of Congress); and Michlean Amir (event moderator, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum). The entire experience, and the warm welcome from everyone, was beyond imagination. Thanks, too, to my husband Doran for all his logistical help and support throughout this memoriable trip. Without him, none of this would have been possible. Thanks also to Marsha Dubrow for helping spread the word, and to Crystal Geise for additional event publicity. (First three photos and the last below are by Bruce Guthrie. Thanks Bruce!) May the world never forget the holocaust and the precious lives lost and the survivors, whose lives were changed forever.

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