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Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story

Sample Chapter of the award-winning audio book. (Narrator/Producer Richard Rieman. Opening chapter quote read by Joe Rubinstein.)


by Narrator/Producer Richard Rieman with opening chapter quotes read by Joe Rubinstein

Recording the Audiobook

Pictured Above: Narrator/Producer Richard Rieman (left), Joe Rubinstein (center), Irene Rubinstein (right).

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Below are excerpts from the hard copy version of Auschwitz 34207, which were not included in the Audio Recording.

Note from the Author

When Joe Rubinstein first asked me to write his story nearly two years ago, he was ninety-two and sharing many of these stories for the first time. The sequence of events and some of the facts about places and names are understandably forgotten. He kept no diary, but his memory for detail is remarkable.

In order to be fully present to his life, I wrote as if I were Joe. For instance, when Joe made statements such as “It was frigid,” or “I was very scared,” I used such feelings to describe the scenes in expanded detail. The same was true for some of the physical attributes of those he encountered but can no longer recall.

In the Chapter Endnotes, I have referenced the places where the events and/or the individuals portrayed were either a compilation of the people he encountered or representative of his broader experiences. Joe shared that he prayed every day during his time in captivity.

Thus, many of his thoughts and prayers in these chapters were expressed by Joe during our many interviews but were sentiments that he shared with me in fragments—rarely in the totality of the way I have written them. At the end of this book, I have included a collection of Joe’s thoughts, in his own words.

Nancy Sprowell Geise—August 5, 2014


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