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Joyful News...Joe's Story Being Published in German!

Thanks to Fontis-Verlag, a wonderful Christian publisher from Basel, Switzerland, Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story has been translated and will soon be available to German readers around the world! I am thrilled and honored Joe’s story will be part of the Fontis collection. Joe’s life is a lesson for us all in the power of bringing people together. In publishing this story about a Jewish man from Radom, Poland, Fontis shows how people of all faiths are uplifted and impacted by Joe’s remarkable life. This German publication is a testament to Joe’s words, “Love life. Love God. Love each other. That’s all there is.”

Joe, now 98 and still doing great, said recently, “I’m so happy German readers will be able to read about my life in their language.”

My deepest and heartfelt thanks to my gifted editor at Fontis, Anne Helke. I will forever be grateful to Anne for her insights, skills and her incredible patience in helping make this German version a reality. Between Anne and my English version editor, Donna Mazzitelli, I could not have been blessed with two finer editors and people! Truly!

In addition to Anne Helke and everyone at Fontis-Verlag, especially Christian Meyers for his support of this book, there are so many people I want to thank who have made this German version possible. I’m grateful to Anja MacKenzie for her beautiful translation of Joe’s story. Thanks to Ulla Ewald for taking the initiative to contact me from Germany after reading Joe’s story and letting me know of her desire to see the book translated into German and introducing me to Fontis. Thanks to Anna Termine for her kind help in walking me through the maze of foreign rights, and to Amy Collins for introducing me to Anna.

I’m thrilled Fontis will also be using the powerful photo of Joe by photographer Nicholas DeSciose for the German edition cover. Thank you, Nicholas!

The German book version would not have been possible without the incredible team of people who have helped me in so many ways, before and since, the book was first released in English, including John Forssman, Nick Zelinger, Susie Scott, Brenda King, James Mcandrew, Lightstreet Media, Polly Letofsky, Gail Nelson, Judith Briles, Joan Stewart, Daniel Hall, Mark Cocker, John Kremer, Crystal Merrill, Hallie Whitsell, Natalie Reiter, Doran Geise, Lucretia Sprowell, Carolyn and Dale Geise, Sally Robinson, Joe and Irene Rubinstein and their family, Donna Mazzitelli of Merry Dissonance Press and so many others!

I’m so grateful to Susan Weinberg for finding photos of Joe’s mother and brothers for us to be able to share in the German version. I still cannot think of the moment when Joe saw the faces of his beloved family for the first time since the early 1940s without crying myself. By finding these photos, Susan gave Joe one of the greatest gifts of his life.

Endless thank to Jakub Mitek (Radom, Poland) for his on-going research help and tremendous hospitality during my visit to Radom in 2017 to share Joe’s story at the 75th Commemoration of the Liquidation of the Radom Ghettos. Jakub’s work with the Resursa Obywatelska Culture and Arts Center helps those in Radom, Poland remember the precious lives of the Jewish people that once resided there. Thank you Hilda Chazanovitz and Sharon Grosfeld for helping to make my visit to Radom possible. 

I’m so grateful to the staff and volunteers of the Auschwitz/Birkenau Holocaust Museum and Memorial in Oswiecim, Poland for their gracious invitation to share Joe’s story with them. My deepest thanks especially to Tomasz Michaldo (Director of the Guides) for all his help in making my presentation and visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau one of the most memorable (and emotional) honors of my life.

Thanks to the staff and volunteers of the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum, Washington, D.C. for inviting me to share Joe’s story and for all they do in helping the world to never forget.  Thanks to journalist Marsha Dubrow for her coverage of the museum event. Thanks to Paul Messersmith for hosting me for a book signing in the beautiful museum bookstore.

I can not begin to thank Michlean Amir enough for her continued help in researching and finding new documents regarding Joe’s life. 

Thanks to Gail Shirazi, United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C. for her warm and kind welcome during my visit to D.C. in sharing Joe’s story as part of their wonderful speaker series. Her zest and enthusiasm for life are infectious and remind me of Joe’s joy.

I am so grateful to Richard Rieman, Audiobook narrator/producer for his help in producing and narrating Joe’s story (English version) into an award-winning audiobook. He so beautifully, and powerfully, depicted Joe, and made the experience fun and rewarding.

A special thanks to the many reporters, radio and TV hosts who have interviewed me about Joe’s life. I want to thank especially Ralph Hipp, WIBW TV in Topeka, Kansas for having me repeatedly be a guest on his Red Couch Show to share updates regarding Joe’s life and book.

Thank you, Dave Hodgson, Talk Radio Europe for my first international interview: (recorded April 29, 2015).

I especially want to thank all the people who have invited me to present Joe’s story around the world! They have welcomed me into their homes, businesses, churches, synagogues, schools, universities, museums, bookstores, civic organizations, and their communities. Through it all, I have been uplifted by their love and support. 

And thanks finally to the multitude of readers who have taken time to read (and listen) to Joe’s story and to those who have written kind notes to me, Joe and Irene from all over the globe to let us know the impact this story is having on their lives. It means more than words can express.

And now, Joe’s remarkable journey continues in the German language. I’m so looking forward to where this latest chapter in his life will lead…

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