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The Eighth Sea has been described as hard to put down, a deep and enduring romance, a plot filled with unexpected twists and the characters hard to get out of one’s mind…an inspiring journey into the unknown.

The Eighth Sea is a must read for individuals and book clubs alike. This story will remain with you as you make your way through your own Eighth Sea.

“The Eighth Sea paints a haunting picture of true anguish, survival, adventure, the will to live against all odds, new life, and the hope that only God can provide. It is a very compelling read.”

— Sue Mallory, Author of The Equipping Church

“From the moment we meet a mother and daughter separated by an ocean of longing and despair, we’re hooked. Nancy Sprowell Geise weaves an epic tale of love, loss, hope, and determination. Through her unforgettable characters, we discover that no matter what happens in life, we can find our way to our Eighth Sea. With belief, perseverance, and trust, life can show us our way home.”

— Donna Mazzitelli, Writing With Donna

“The Eighth Sea pulls and pulls at your heart. Over and over, the golden threads continue to weave a tapestry until the very end. As readers, we never forget stories like The Eighth Sea that give us hope and characters such as Brenna who embody our deepest need – to find our place in the world, our way home.”

— John Forssman, English Teacher

“The Eighth Sea has the dramatic feel of a great movie combined with the depth and emotion of a true epic novel. I couldn’t put it down. I found myself reading it through the night. I will think about this story and Nathan and Brenna’s romance for years to come.”

— Sally Robinson, Worksmart USA

“There is so much to recommend about The Eighth Sea: a unique set-up, a great heroine, a tragic back-story, and great settings. I’m deeply connected to the characters’ emotions and motivations and love the historical romance of it all. Nancy Sprowell Geise is the real deal.”

— Trai Cartwright, Craftwrite

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